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Fishing has been very tough the last couple of weeks.  The offshore tuna bite has slowed considererably with the water temps so wide spread that the tuna have just moved on past or have scattered so much they are hard to find. There have been some mahi caught, but not in the numbers that we would normally see for this time of year.  

So now the fisherman are turning their attention to The White Marlin Open.  With that just around the corner many have been pre-fishing and testing out gear and making sure everything is ready for this tournament. The Sea Flame fished on July 28th and had 14 white releases.  Wow!  What a day for them.

The inshore bite for flounder has been super tough this year in the ocean.  You could fish all day and hope to get a keeper with many shorts being caught and very few keepers.  There have been those that have been lucky and been in the right spot and the right time to get a limit, but it is not very frequent that we have seen this.  Keeper black sea bass have also been hard to find on the inshore sites.  Some have had good days, but have had to travel to the Del_Jersey and further to get their fish.  When they have, they have been rewarded for their effort with large ones and some having limits.

The beach fishing has had good fishing with kingfish, blues and pompano being the mainstay of the catch.  There have also been some cobia that have landed on the beach.  That is an amazing catch for the beach.

The inlet has been the spot for the best fishing for flounder.  Now don't go looking to get one as soon as your line goes in the water you will have to work for them and be in the right spot at the right time and with the right bait.  The coast guard wall has been producing nice ones both by boat and land.  Our friends Jimmy Coffiey and Luke Horney caught the first and second place flounder in the Paradise Flounder Pounder (Bay Side) Tournament fishing in this spot.  And the spots along the north side from the handicap pier to the bridge have a couple of holes that produce some fish too.  Then there are also a couple of spots closer to our store that have had good fish.  People have been switching back and forth from using Gulp on jig heads to live spot or minnows to hook up some fish.

Blue fish have been running through the inlet as well.  The best fishing has been on the south side of the jetty for these using either Clarkspoons or some type of shiney lure to hook the fish.  Trigger fish and Sheepshead were being caught in nice numbers but have slowed considerably the last week.

Hope you all have a great weekend and we will see you in the shop!!

Mrs. Bert  (Deanna)



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And now for the fishing report.  June 29, 2018

Fishing has been a abysmal to say the least for this season so far. The only thing that has been good and some what consistent has been the offshore fishing for tuna.

We will start with the inlet and back bays.  The flounder bite has been slow with a mix of shorts and keepers being seen along Massey's Ditch, the pockets along the south side of the inlet and fishing by the Red Roof house.  Use squid and minnows or Gulp baits on a jig head.  Rock fish have been mostly shorts on the night tides and mainly with artificial lures like bucktails, plastics shads of Tsunami or Storms, Bass Assassins or SP minnows.  With that being said, we had a customer in the store this morning that caught some short rock fish up by the bridge (from a boat) using live spot.  Blue fish are playing a game of hide and seek.  A few here one day then gone.  No large schools.

The beach had been decent with kings, blues and a few puffer fish.  The kings and puffers like the bloodworms, either live or Fish Bites artificial bloods.  We have had a few customers try the Fish Bites artificial sand fleas with some success too.  The blues like cut bait like bunker or finger mullet on some blue fish rigs or finger mullet rigs.

The sharks are still a fun time to be had on the beach in the evening.  Anything from dog fish sharks to nice size sand bar sharks and more.  Most use bunker, bluefish or Tuna Belly for those toothy critters.

The inshore fishing has been slow with a good trips for flounder.  Most use a 6" Gulp grub in Nuclear Chicken on a Spro bucktail and they jig on the bottom over open bottom out at the Old Grounds or Site 10.  It has been slow though, so don't get too excited !!  You will have to work hard to get a limit.  Maybe all day.  The keeper black sea bass are out at the DelJersey-Land Reef site, but most have already been picked off the site.  You will have a long day of getting a limit.  Use salted clams and squid to find them.  Or some use a Lucanus Jig with more luck, but beware that is a pricey lure to lose.

If you like sea robins, you are in luck.  There are a lot of those buggers out there and from what I hear they are good eating.  It takes a lot to make a dinner though, you don't get much meat from one, so bring back plenty.

The head boats Judy V. and Capt. Bob II have been struggling this fishing season.  But there was one bright spot on a couple of the afternoon trips.  The Judy V. had a miserable morning trip one day last week, but the afternoon trip made a remarkable comeback.  They brought at least 15 keeper flounder back to the dock.

Now for the fishing that has been the most consistent, the offshore tuna bite.  Yellow fin tuna have been found from the Baltimore Canyon south to the Poor Man's trolling ballyhoo.  Most have been in the 40-50lb class. Blue fin have been spotty, but if you want to give it a shot, try the inshore lumps.   

Our largest to date on the Yellow fin tuna has been a 97.2lber caught on the Knock on Wood by Johnny Coffiey and our largest on the Blue fin was a 141.2lb tuna caught by angler Clay Viands on the Bail Out.

That is the latest for now.  Hopefully it won't take me so long next time around.

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